In the dynamic realm where control dances with chaos, Pieter Bas Bouwman emerges as a maestro orchestrating a symphony of creativity through his photography and multidisciplinary artistry. Bouwman's work blurs the lines between order and pandemonium, capturing the intricate interplay of systems in nature and society.

In the world where control meets chaos, Pieter Bas Bouwman expresses his creativity through photography and various art forms. His work explores the delicate balance between order and chaos, reflecting the complexities of nature, society and his personal life.

Beyond photography, Bouwman seamlessly integrates collage, precise paper folding, and writing. Each element showcases chaos and or control, adding layers of complexity to his compositions.

Through collage, he carefully arranges images to create visual stories that reflect the unpredictable nature of life. Paper folding symbolizes human intervention in shaping our environment, while Bouwman's writing adds depth, offering insights into his creative process and guiding viewers through the depths of his imagination.

In Bouwman's hands, each medium becomes a manifestation of chaos, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between order and pandemonium. His multidisciplinary approach invites audiences on a journey of discovery, illuminating the beauty and complexity of the world around us.



Exhibitions (selection):

2024   Haute Photographie at ART Rotterdam


2023    Haute Photographie - Art Fair

2023    Unseen - Bookmarket

2023    Book Launch + Solo Exhibition
                REMEMBERING RELICS


2022     Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender
2022     Solo exhibition - Galerie Lissabon


Publications (selection):

2023    Parool - Coffee

2023    AD Algemeen Dagblad - Coffee   

2023    NPO Radio 1 with Humberto Tan

2023    Parool 14x beste weekendtips 

2023    GNKK

2023    NRC

2023    FD


2023    BOON Magazine

2023    Algemeen Dagblad



                A story about the ongoing conflict between humans and animals.
                Edition of 325 including 25 special editions.  



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