My name is Pieter Bas Bouwman, a professional photographer from Amsterdam. Right after the finishing the preliminary course of the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen I knew: I want to take pictures. Photography is an artform that allows me to express the feelings that are not easily put to words.


During my time at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam I focused mainly on black and white photography, a style I use to let my audience grasp the atmosphere I create. Given my further specialisation in landscape- and portrait photography I have developed an eye for details up close and details from a distance. With my diverse experience in editing photographs post-capture I translate the concepts that speak to me into new imagery, in an attempt to redraw the boundaries of photography.


The relation between humanity and her direct environment run through my work as a thread. It is visible in my independently undertaken Kenia project, where I was given the opportunity the experience the ongoing conflict between men and animal firsthand. But just as much is it recognisable in my more commercial work like photodocumentaries on coffee- and wine farmers.


My strong motivation for photography is intrinsically prompted and makes sure that I never stray to far away from who I am, in my artistic work as well as in my commercial project. Nonetheless it is always nice to receive recognition for my work. Annually since my graduation in 2016, my work has been published by several magazines, I partake in a multitude of expositions, and I am often nominated for various prizes.

With my broad experience and strong motivation, it is not a matter of being suited for the project or not, but the sole question that remains is how we are going to achieve success together.