Artist Bio

My name is Pieter Bas Bouwman, a professional photographer from Amsterdam.


My art is inspired by the profound impact that humans have on our natural world. In today's fast-paced society, where efficiency and speed are prioritized above all else, we have become increasingly disconnected from our planet and the symbiotic relationship we share with it.


I bear witness to the consequences of our actions, documenting the conflict between humans and animals as well as the impact of human activity on the world's rainforests. Through my lens, I strive to capture the raw and unbridled emotions that emerge from these encounters, inviting the viewer to confront the harsh realities that we face as a species.


My artistic vision involves weaving a narrative that is both confronting and immersive, using personal techniques to make these stories tangible and visceral. It is my fervent hope that through my art, people will be moved to reflect upon the beauty and fragility of our world.


If you want to stay up to date about my work or have any questions please let me know!





2023    Parool - Coffee

2023    AD Algemeen Dagblad - Coffee   

2023    NPO Radio 1 with Humberto Tan

2023    Parool 14x beste weekendtips 

2023    GNKK

2023    NRC

2023    FD


2023    BOON Magazine

2023    Algemeen Dagblad


2022    NRC

2022    FD


2022    BOON Magazine (Ahold)

2022    HOP Magazine (Ahold)

2022    Mitra Magazine


2021    NRC

2021    FD


2021    BOON Magazine(Ahold)

2021    HOP Magazine(Ahold)

2021    Mitra Magazine


2020    Mitra Magazine

2020    HOP Magazine(Ahold)

2020    BOON Magazine (Ahold)

2020    Labverde Catalogus - Art Immersion Program

2020    Under The Bridge Magazine

2020    Fotolab KIEKIE - Toptalent


2019    Edge of Humanity Magazine

2019    Life Framer Collection

2019    Edge of Humanity Magazine

2019    ClickMagazine #67 November

2019    BOON Magazine

2019    HOP Magazine

2019    SUITCASE Magazine


2018    Boon Magazine

2018    Professionele Fotograaf



2023    Haute Photographie

2023    Book Launch + exhibition


2022    Galerie Lissabon

        Launch crowdfunding REMEMBERING RELICS

2022    PLLEK 
        Introducing REMEBERING RELICS


2021    Stichting DON


2019    Community Coffee

Coffee Farmers from the Sierra Nevada the Santa Marta de Colombia

2019    ZJHT Wassenaar

Introduction to Human & Wildlife conflict in Kenya


2018    Phase I - Solo Exhibition

        Focus Optimus

2018    Amsterdam Central Station - Amsterdam            Passage 

2018    Utrecht Central - Vast Zand Collective

2018    Vast Zand - Group Exhibition 

2018    Phase I - Solo Exposition

2018    Focus Optimus 

2018    Salon d'Hiver, Zerp


2017    Home-Land - Gallery Sehnsucht

2017    Olympus young talent award - Foam Photography Museum

2017    GUP New Dutch Photography Talent    


2016    Unframed 


2015    Wall of Faces 


2014    'Ciboga & Ter Marse' 


2013    Fotovrijdag – 2nd Place 



African Parks

Prints for Wildlife


Life Framer

Mal Collection Loppersum

The Change Collective




2014 – 2016    Photoacademy Amsterdam

2012 – 2014    Photoacademy Groningen

2009 – 2010    Field Guide Association of South Africa level 1 (Game Ranger)


2023    REMEMBERING RELICS: A Photographic Journey - Book launch & Exhibition


2022    Honduras

2022    Prints for Wildlife (III)


2021    Prints for Wildlife (II)

fundraiser to help and support African Parks


2020    Stills of Amsterdam (Covid-19)

2020    Prints for Wildlife (I)

fundraiser to help and support African Parks


2019    Amazon - Labverde

Art Immersion Program in Brazil


2018    Colombia

Documenting coffee farmers in the Serra Nevada

2018    Kenya

Human & Wildlife conflict



2023    GNKK


2019    Climate change - The grand challenge of Venice

2019    Life Framer

The Face of the Earth - Editor's Pick

2019    Life Framer

The Face of the Earth - Judged by Nick Brandt

A unique photography competition and a renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting contemporary photography.

2019    BURN Magazine

BURN is an evolving journal for emerging photographers.
BURN is curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.

2019    The Emerging Photographer Fund 2019 - Shortlist


2017   Kiekiekrant - Shortlist Olympus young Talent Award

Platform searching for new up and coming photography talent in the Netherlands

2017    GUP Magazine - New Dutch Photography

Magazine showing the 100 new  upcoming photography talent in the Netherlands